Using Roses For Landscaping Backyard

It’s damp out and windy so things are blowing around making it tough to take pictures without getting the camera lens wet. Did a lot of lens cleaning this morning but did manage to have fun taking pictures of wet things.

It took me about 10 minutes to finally get a picture of this rose cane with a water drop on it with good looking water drop. All the other images had a blurry drop and there is no fun in sharing an image with a blurry water drop, right.

My hugelkultur bed is just about done for this year and with the rain today a lot more long stemmed plants are lying closer to the ground. The only thing holding this pink poppy from falling face first in the dirt are all the other long stems that it’s stuck in.

I still have lots of Cosmos opened and plenty more buds that may still be able to open if we don’t get a heavy frost.

Our one Evening Primrose that managed to grow right at the end of the hugelkultur bed just keeps putting out one more bright yellow flower and gets taller with each flower We have another at the opposite end of the raised bed along the north fence. It stopped producing flowers about two weeks ago.

Then I walked over to my dresser drawers that I turned into raised beds where I put a metal trellis next to. The rain collects under each horizontal metal bar and looks pretty cool. Unfortunately I did not get a picture that wasn’t blurry, guess I should have used the tripod.

The string I have between the four garden stakes with pole bean vines growing on them gets nice water droplets and it turned out better. I don’t know if it was too dark facing the other way when I was trying to get the water drops on the metal bars.

The clouds are really low today and while I was outside taking pictures I heard a plane that was really close and louds so I knew it was low. I just couldn’t quite figure out where it was and then poof it was right in front of where I was looking. It had come out of a low cloud on its way to the airport. That’s when I should have had my video on. Live and learn.

lichen 3I like lichen even though I don’t know the real names of each lichen I’m liken’.

We also have some nice mosses growing around the property that I like having. I wanted to start a moss and rock garden this year but built my first hugelkultur bed instead and so glad I did. I have had such fun with it.

I’ve seen pieces of lichen all around the yard since the wind blew them right off the trees.
No Sun or Moon But Brightness All Around Me

I find it hard not to get a bit depressed when it stays cloudy for so long however I have flowers around the yard that brighten my day like this sunny flower on my hugelkultur bed. Even have a couple more opening.

I can see these right from my office window so any time I need a little pick-me-up I lean over and take a peek at come bright colours growing out there.